Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thursday Think Tank: 6 August 2015

I googled images for Think Tank.

I was thinking, you know, a bunch of brainiac looking sweet geeks. 

Google be blessed, this picture to the left is what popped up on my browser. 

Oh, Google.
You are so winning the internet today, one hot Colin Farrel pic at a time. 

I had all sorts of savvy stuffs and things to talk about, but really? 

Who cares?

Let's have a hot Colin-fest instead. 



 This right here---->

These smoking hot guys cuddled up together.

Oh, now you're just messing with me, Google. Because this picture? I'm pretty sure this picture made my ovaries explode, and I don't even have ovaries any more. 

And last but far from least, this little gem from the Alexander/Hephaestion slash fandom...thank you, Google. 

Do you really need any other reasons?

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