Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday's Mayhem and Foolishness: It's a Rescue Twinks Thang...

Tales from the Writing Cave: Sunday 1 March 2015

Well, my beautiful babies, I dunno if March is going to creep out like a soft and woolly little lamb, but I can tell you's surely doing its monthly best to rush in a' roaring like a lion. With old man Winter still holding sway over most of the land, snow up to arm-pits, and the temperatures doing a death defying yo-yo dance between freeze your nose off cold and wow, I don't have to wear twelve scarves to make it down the block without my lips freezing to my teeth...not precisely the tropics, but when you braved temps in the negative range just the day before, twenty degrees seems positively balmy. But I digress. We're just here for the go-go boys, right? 

Thats the story. 
Stick to it, m'kay?

In that case, let me get right to giving you the down low on what's really going on. March's blustery days and bone chilling snow storms seemed like the perfect time to do a Rescue Twinks re-boot... I may or may not have gone a little crazy with the writing schedule. Don't be skeered though, because it means there's a minimum of four Cherie Noel releases coming to give you something sexy to snuggle up with this month. 


It's shaping up to be one heck of a ride for all the little elves over in the Writing Cave, (that would be me, me, my editor, me, the wondrous promo of Pride Promotions, me, and me...) as I'll be issuing re-releases of the first three Rescue Twinks novels *pets the pretty banner at the top of the page* with spanking fresh edits and saucy expanded versions.

Plus *drum-roll, please* at last we'll get Markus and Liam's story!!

 *throws fistfuls of shimmering confetti in the air*
I'll be a writing, editing, and revising fool for the next thirty-one days.

Somebody *I'm looking at you, minion in training* needs to keep the java rolling and for the love of little go-go boys everywhere, send me some virtual four-leaf clovers to share with Liam and the rest of the crew...'cos I'm pretty sure they all lost their pants in this last round of revisions!*

I'll be doing a little dance, making a little love, and getting down all over the web as the Rescue Twinks make their sparkling presence felt far and wide. Hope you'll take time to see what new trouble Adrien, Devon, Andy, Michael, Markus, and Liam are falling in...hoist yer gurtles boyz and gurlz. The it's a full scale Glitter Alert, and you'd best stay tuned for fun, prizes, and general mayhem and foolishness.

Oh, and if you think that all is lost? If you're just blue and can't get yourself out of a weeks old funk? Hold on to this. The Rescue Twinks are coming...

Tentative Release Schedule for the Rescue Twinks in March:
The Counterfeit Claus: 3/6/15
Worth a Thousand Words 3/13/15
By Any Other Name 3/20/15
Glitter and Shamrocks 3/27/15

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