Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tuesday Teaser: Christmas in...March?

Oh yeah, bay-bee. Christmas is all about the heart, and our Rescue Twinks re-boot, re-vise, re-edit, and add a passel o' words is like one big, glittery, shining mess of unexpected presents. And what better time to have a little of that magical Christmas cheer than now when it seems winter will never end?

No time like the present, I say.
You see what I did there, right.

*giggles helplessly*

Right, okay, back to the serious business of re-telling Christmas stories in March. Adrien and Devon are back, as delicious as ever...but this time there's a whole lot more sweetness to revel in. Over over six thousand new words, or roughly twelve more scenes for you to delight in.

Hoist yer gurtles, boyz and gurlz. Get yer glitter on. The Rescue Twinks are coming...

Blurb: On an average day at the local mall's Christmas Village there's an elf shortage, no manager in sight, and an unknown person hiding behind a big white beard. Still, everything is under control. Mostly. Sort of...sure. Right until the klutziest elf of all slips onto the scene in slick bottomed, pointy-toed shoes...and slides right into the waiting arms of the Counterfeit Claus. But when the big white beard and elf-a-go-go shorts are swapped for broken in jeans and clean shaves, can the men beneath the disguises find some sweetly common ground? 

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