Friday, February 27, 2015

Fabulous Friday: Sometimes Everything Goes Right

So, I have one of those kidlets. You know the ones. Hey mom, mommy, ma, MAAAAAA??? Yes, one of those. The picture to the left? Perfect depiction of my silly squirrel.

But here's the thing. She's exactly perfect just as she is. The perfect daughter for me. The perfect companion for the four little beasts that share our home. The perfect friend and student and person, for  any can see her through the eyes of love.

And you know what?

So am I. Perfect to be her mom. Perfect to be a slightly scattered writer of romance, science fiction, and contemporary lit. Yep, that's me.

I mean, neither of us is Mary Poppins practically perfect in every way type perfect, but we're perfect for one another, you know?

And really, that's all we need to be.

Just a little thought for the day. And also, I had to share the utter gibbering joy we both felt this morning when we realized we got tickets to see Black Veil Bride this summer. Good times, yes, yes indeed.

Today, revel in all the ways that you are perfectly you. Soak them in. And maybe share them with a friend or two. They're there, I swear they are, if you look at yourself with the eyes of love.

*right, now back to work with me. I've edits and revisions and books to write, Oh my!*

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