Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday Newsday: February 4-10

Here's a little rundown on the upcoming week:
The Big Bone Lick Pack Anthology Blog tour is winding to a close. Tuesday 4 Feb we'll be at Tempeste O'Riley's
Friday 7 Feb we'll be at Tara Lain's
Sunday 9 Feb we'll be over at Love of Bookends 

What's especially nifty about those three dates is that we'll be doing a three part interview with the boys from Big Bone Lick. Tuesday is Simon and Josiah's day, followed by Dov and Kane on Friday, and then Asa and Seth on Sunday. Don't miss out on this special three part interview. Fun new material on from the Big Bone Lick crew, thoughtful (and fun) prizes to be had... what's not to love?

Okay, now the part where I get to squee. Big Bone Lick Pack made it to the top 50 on ARe's bestseller list. I am seriously giddy here. Good times!

IN OTHER NEWS: I am still a student. Which means I have a ridiculous amount of school work to do to keep my grades up, but hey, that's part of what makes life fun, right?

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