Thursday, February 6, 2014

Think Tank Thursday: Finding Time Enough for Love... in the midst of the Parent Trap

I have to apologize to everyone; I'm falling down on the job of keeping up my end here on the blog!

I'm, usually, a day late and a dollar short, but hopefully things will be looking up soonish, so... we'll see.

Anyway, just for a taste of "This is what makes me so crazy," here is what my day has been like:

It all started yesterday afternoon, when I finally finally managed to get the boys settled down for homework (oh, JOY. /sarcasm). VelcroBoy had a little notice in his folder, and a progress report. The notice was for an awards ceremony -- each teacher gives out awards to the kids in their class who had perfect attendance/good citizenship/best grades in each subject/whatever, and VelcroBoy almost never gets anything except perfect attendance sometimes or good citizenship, so I of course promised him that I'll come to the ceremony this afternoon at 1:40 (don't actually know what he's getting, but from last year's Bs and Cs, a couple of amazing teachers have helped him pull his grades up to As and Bs, so... I'm hopeful. Maybe not Honor Roll this time, but... maybe an improvement award? We'll see). Anyway, DinoBoy got all "I always get awards; are you going to come to MY ceremony?" The school does each grade at a different time, and he couldn't tell me what time his was supposed to be because, apparently, "The copier didn't work, and I don't remember if my teacher told us."

So, this morning about 8:50, I called the school office to find out. The nice secretary said it was supposed to start at 9. I was still in my pajamas, braless, hadn't even EATEN... I made a mad scramble to get out the door by 8:55, was *still* 5 minutes late, and DinoBoy, of course, was the first student to get an award, so I missed that. (Perfect attendance and Honor Roll, for the record.) But I got to see him after, so it all works.

I still have to go back at 1:40 for VelcroBoy's, and there's inclement weather coming, so they've ALREADY made the decision to close school, and the public library, and who knows what else, for tomorrow, Thursday to be decided Wednesday night.

On the plus side, I finally got all the stuff I need to do taxes so I'm currently at the library for the WiFi, all prepared to try to take care of that. If I don't manage to finish it today, it'll have to wait, I guess, till Thursday, if the kids go back to school; maybe Friday otherwise. We'll see.

Also, I think I forgot my cell phone at home. *sigh*

Now, I'm going to go real fast to schedule something for Friday...

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