Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tuesday Newsday: Stuff and things for the upcoming week

Tomorrow kicks off the Big Bone Lick Pack Anthology Blog Tour--yeah, try saying that twice at high speed. I bet you start giggling halfway through. I know I do--okay, so tomorrow I'll be at the House of Taboo, with my co-authors and all around anthology pals, Jambrea Jo Jones and Kendall McKenna, to share about the silly shenanigans we get up to on facebook, and how Jayne Rylon started off the whole shebang that ended in our fantastic and fun little book of stories. We're offering prizes, funny behind the scenes sneaky peeks at the making of our over the top tales, and general good times. Please be sure to stop by and join us at one or more of our stops.

Oh, by the by... The blog tour name, and any other names (place names, other author names, etc.) are linked back to their sources if I know them. That's just how I roll.

Okay, so here's the plan for the upcoming week:
Wednesday 8 January 2014- Official kickoff of Big Bone Lick Pack Anthology's Blog Tour at the House of Taboo.
Friday 10 January 2014- Current WIP (work in progress), 1000 Cranes is due to be completed and sent to betas. (Yes, yes, it was done before. I just added a lot of material, and made the story a zillion times better...true story) I'm actually really excited about this story. I love all my little paper children, but this one is something special.
Saturday 11 January 2014- Second Big Bone Lick Anthology Blog Tour stop. We'll be cruising into the ultra swank Purple Fantasy Den, sharing more stuff and things about the making of our funny paranormal paradise in Kentucky.
Monday 13 January 2014- My m/f paranormal romance is due to my editor... and heya, I think I'm actually gonna make this deadline... Now that *is* news!
Tuesday 14 January 2014- Third Big Bone Lick Anthology Blog Tour stop. This one is at The Kimi-Chan Experience, and I gotta tell you, just the name give me a happy. Indeed it does.

Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print regarding my authorly meanderings for the upcoming week. See you tomorrow for some work in progress fun.

Later, gators!

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