Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thursday Think Tank: What a Wonderful World

So, I was thinking today about how the world can be full of good, too. I mean, we are so quick to point out the dark times, the vile acts, the mean spirited actions, right? So let's roll into 2014 with a different perspective. Let's re-frame the picture we view... of ourselves (yeah, go on and dare to see yourself as beautiful inside and out... and then watch how that changes how you respond to the rest of the world). See your neighbor as well meaning (perhaps misinformed, but still kind at heart)...

See your kids as being characterized as responsible, loving, and brimming with integrity... and most of all? Remember that the girl in China who works for pennies sewing the jeans you love to get for only  twelve or seventeen or twenty bucks is as surely connected to you as the neighbor across the hall or down the street. Be mindful that little choices push at the roots of mountains, nibbling them down into sand, or building them ever higher toward the sky.

Don't freeze in place, but yeah, babies. Weigh your choices. Think about who your decision touches, think about how what you choose to do or not do moves you toward the person you see in the mirror when you look with your Aphrodite Gaze. *the eyes of love* And then go live big. Muah.

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