Monday, January 13, 2014

Minion Monday

Just for funsies, here's a picture my youngest did in art class.
"Pumpkins at Night"
I’m a bit late with this, I know, and I think I missed a week entirely. For this I apologize; things have been a bit crazed around here since… OK. Things are *always* crazed around here. But they’re a little EXTRA crazed at the moment. We’re still trying to catch up on bills after my husband changed jobs, and part of that means that we currently don’t really have internet at home (I’m managing by using my data through my cell phone as miserly as possible and making regular trips when possible to the library).

So, anyway, what with that and Christmas and all, it’s been a busy month(ish) since I last posted here. Christmas, I guess, was the big thing – I crocheted like crazy & managed a little blanket for my youngest, who does the whole ‘Security Blanket’ thing – his old one is disintegrating, and he’s slowly moving his affections over to the new one I made. I also found a cute pattern for a really easy scarf (since I’m basically just barely past beginner stage) and made a TON of those – black and gold ones (Pittsburgh colors) for my middle child and my husband, Gryffindor colors for my daughter and sister, blue and grey for my brother and my youngest, then after Christmas a couple more for my neighbors who are moving from GA to VA in a couple of days. I’ve promised one to my middle child’s best friend as soon as he can pick his colors, and I’m making a slightly modified version for myself. I don’t like stuff around my neck; I won’t wear turtlenecks, I cut the necklines off of most crewneck tees, I don’t wear chokers anymore, and my hair clinging to my neck drives me batty, so mine is supersoft yarn, it’s about 5 time wider than the basic ones I made everyone else, and I’m making it with a HUGE hook. It’s going to be, I think, almost more of a wrap than a scarf; I’ll be able to drape it over my hood and wrap it loosely to keep my head warm. Maybe. I’m also a bit weird about hats. (Oh, God, so very weird about SO MANY THINGS!)

Anyway, really, that’s about it. My parents and sister came down to spend Christmas with us, my hubby was home (he’s doing long-distance trucking and we usually only see him once a month on his reserve weekends). We went into Savannah for the day right after Christmas; just wandered along the riverfront, which was nice. Mom & the kids & I finally managed to stumble across the “used bookstore” I’ve heard rumors about – it’s really just the back room of a little antique shop that…well, it’s two rooms. The front room has old glassware/Fiestaware (which I drooled over) and the back room has OLD books. If they didn’t mostly run in the $50+ range, I would have scraped money to buy a lot, because they just had *shelves* of old novels of the “Early 1900s Girls’ School” variety, and nearly as much of “Boys’ Adventures” and I just… I have a weakness. All I can say is THANK GOODNESS for Project Gutenberg; so much of that stuff is finally out of copyright and free. One of my favorites is the Molly Brown series. I could go on at great length about this, but I think I’ll save it for a Friday or another Monday.

Oooh, one other thing! Today, DH & I finally were able to take the time to go get his Army Reserve ID, and my dependent ID. I can go back on post again! I am probably more excited about this than is really warranted; the only things I’m really likely to use are the Commissary and the old gym they converted into a roller skating rink (it has a little mini-golf course, too, and is right across the street from a small bowling alley. But I really really suck at any bowling that’s not Wii bowling, so… we don’t do that often.)

Anyway, that’s my life right now. How’s it been going for all of you?

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