Saturday, November 2, 2013

Saturday Surprise: A Teensy Snippet

Oh dear.
We missed out on our Fantastic Friday pic, didn't we?
Can't have that! I'd better quickly post a picture of a hottie! I already had Jared Rackler up here once this week, and the glorious Devon Rhodes as well... hmmm. Oh! I know...

BAM--Sexy Cowboy Surprise!
I thought he'd be rather fitting, as I've already begun the self inflicted torture... er, I mean the JOY that is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). This years novel is titled "The Right Kind of Cowboy", and is set deep in the anus of Texas.

Borrowing a Damon Suedeism there.
Just because.
Oh hush, and let your eyes drift to the right to feast on the lovely that is over there.

Okay, feeling soothed?
Whew, my work here is nearly done then.

Seriously, there is something verra soothing about letting my eyes linger on his delectable form.... though in all honesty, I think those are gym muscles and not real deal cowboy ones. I'm pretty sure cowboys tend to be a bit leaner, their muscles packed on by the work they do... not so symmetrical and plumply rounded like our fellow above is through the arms and shoulders.


Yep, I have a FANTASTIC JOB. Debating the difference in how muscles are acquired and staring at pictures of hot, shirtless men. LOVE IT.

Later babies. I have to race off and get some writerly type stuff done before the rest of the world wakes up and starts interfering with my muse. He gets so cranky when that happens!

Cherie Noel

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