Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday's Mayhem and Foolishness: It's all Relative...

Here's a mind-bending study on plant communication!
"Researchers hooked electrodes to the leaves and stem of a philodendron plant. They had ten human subjects come into the room one by one and touch the plant. When one subject tore a few leaves off the plant, the electrical activity of the plant jumped way up. The next day all ten subjects went one by one back into the room and stood next to the plant. When the person who had damaged the leaves of the plant the day before came into the room, the plant's electrical activity again zoomed to a high level.

The researchers then put other plants into the room with the philodendron. The next day, each of the ten subjects went into the room with the group of plants. When the "leaf-tearer' walked in, the philodendron sent out what appeared to be strong warning signals. The other plants must have picked up this alarm, because when the subject visited on the fourth day, all the plants in the room increased their electrical activity-almost in unison-when the "leaf-tearer" entered the plant area."


So, what do you think? I found this fascinating, and am toying with the idea of basing a story around this research... would that be something you'd be interested in reading?  An army of intelligent plants, and the people who live among them?

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