Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesdays with Tian: Open to Suggestion

I know, I know. Ive been promising Tuesdays with Tian of a bit now, haven't I? Promising and not delivering is *not* something I want to be known for, but right now I have to admit I'm a bit stymied! I need folks for Tian to interview, and questions you'd like to see him tackle.

So... help? Please? Everyone who comes up with a Topic for Tian that actually gets used between now and the end of the year will automatically get a Romance Trading Card (featuring the amazing artwork of Reese Dante) and be entered to win a signed copy of the print version of Tian's Hero, the first book in the Akanti series.

The trading card is very pretty... very. Heh. It looks just like the book cover, but smaller---> see?

*happy sigh* I do love these boys.

Oh, er, yes. Help me come up with Topics for my sweet Akanti boy to discuss, and please feel free to suggest guests you'd like to see Tian interview. Tian and I, we'll make everything after that happen, okay?


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  1. He should totally talk about giving birth!! He could interview the good doc too!!! Or..cooking. He loves to cook. That would be awesome. Um..how he's getting along with being in charge... Um...um...or, you know...you could just finish the next book... lol


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