Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday Think Tank

Not much of a note here today. Just want to give you this... whatever it is you want to do to fulfill your dreams... just do it. You know, within reasonable limits. But hey, don't forget to adjust your aim... and absolutely NO evil meanie-butt stuff. It's bad for your karma, and bad for whoever you're dumping it on. That's all.
 Oh, and here's the key to getting it right. Stop trying to please everyone. Just do what you love, and love what you do. For me that means I've decided I'm going to get really good at working this internet madness. Make peace with the mighty photoshop guru in the sky, learn to make my blog pretty as can be and to do other fun stuff. Format my books like a pro. Eh, perhaps like a professional protozoan, but I will wave my single flagella at the great internet heavens and persevere. I'll conquer the whys and wherefores of the-stuff-that-would-make-promoting-myself-way-easier and then (heh, in an bit and when I get to it) watch out world! :)

That's my thing to conquer. I'd make it my New Year's resolution, but I'm too eager to start understanding stuff more... so I guess I'll just start now.

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