Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday Tales

Today was full of things. Yup, things.

Things like 4am flooded kitchens and a sleepy, nearly zombiefied kidlet muttering about how she didn't mean to drop the whole gallon of ice water on the kitchen floor when she woke up thirsty... and no, this wasn't my kitchen... it just felt like it.

Things like having to leave my little brother at the train station by himself, and driving home worried because he's off by himself, and it's his first trip solo since he lost his vision, and I was a grumpy grouchy wench when I was helping him pack and when I was driving him there and I even told him why--it was really hard to take him when I was supposed to go on the same trip myself, and had to cancel due to familial obligations... sigh. And then I had to leave him sitting there and I worried. I worried because he was sitting alone, and I know how blind people are more likely to feel isolated, and I *was* a cranky hag right before he left... and even though I said why I was cranky I still felt like a mean old beep...

Things like the ac unit spilling water all over the floor when the guys came to take it away... heh, on the bright side it made me mop my floor today. And that made me really happy after it was done.

Things like hanging out with my kidlet and sharing a yummy dessert and laughing about silly stuff together.

Things like a conversation with my best friend (and adopted sister) in the world where she told me the nephew I worry about daily made good, good choices...

Things like *happy happy things* time to write!

... and that is what I am off to do.

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