Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday Think Tank: Personal Space

Right now I'm enclosed in my cave, and I'm loving it. Mostly because I need to reclaim my space. Today the cave was invaded. No, no storm troopers, no invading forces...just a cable guy coming to set up my internet. And getting all up in the Cave, polluting my peaceful digs with his presence. Now don't get me wrong, I love having the internet, and I love having the quick connection and ... you get the idea. But now I am in my inner sanctum, and the world is closed outside.

I'm burning sage in a moment.

Then I'm going to open up my latest WIP and get lost in Faery.

I don't like to let folk into the cave, because they...well, they move stuff. And sometimes they drop things. And always, they leave the faintest miasma of themselves there, in my private world. I cherish my private time and my private space. I need it.

What about you? Do you need a certain amount of personal space and if so, how do you get it?

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  1. I do, but I don't really get it. There's not a single room in the house that doesn't have the detritus of 5 people and 3 pets living together. And I'm never truly alone, even taking a bath (because DH will come in to bring me tea, or ask if I want tea, or just to be the Dirty Old Man that he is and look (and play... OK, so I don't mind all *that* much!)

    SO the only time it can really be me me me when the kids are in school, DH is at work, and I can put the Idiot Dog outside. Or when I'm working in my garden, as long as there are no spiders with leg spans rivaling the diameter of one of those old-fashioned silver dollars. Those creep the bejeezus out of me.

    Anyway. Books & computer time & the occasional bubble bath, and when everybody else is out doing their thing -- Or my ereader, a cup of chai, & a corner chair at Starbucks -- those are my personal space.


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