Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Sunday Afternoon Snog with Kay and Lewell'yn of Tian's Hero

Leaping over an inconveniently placed cart, Lewell'yn slid the last few feet to Kay's door. He raised his foot, intending to kick the barrier open. A voice calling out to him from inside halted his action.
"You'll find the door unlocked if you just try the handle."
Lewell'yn really didn't care for the amused tone in the fucker's words. He was snarling as he opened the door. Kay gave a happy cry and launched himself at Lewell'yn. The slender medic climbed up Lewell'yn, wrapping arms and legs around him in frantic haste.
"You're back, you're back, you're back!"
The sweet taste of Kay's clove and honey kisses filled Lewell'yn's mouth. He suddenly found himself feeling far less homicidal. He couldn't hold onto his mad while both hands were fully occupied holding a squirming bundle of excited medic.
Lewell'yn felt the volatile anger melt away. The other had not overstepped. His annoying scent filled the room, but did not linger on Kay's skin. He gently disengaged his mouth from his mate's.
"Kay. Are you well?"
Kay's sparkling amber eyes dimmed slightly. He unwound his legs from Lewell'yn's waist, dropped his arms from around his neck, and stepped back from the larger man. He lifted his arm to run a shaking hand through his chin length hair.
"I'm healthy. The babe is fine. I—"
The little medic snapped his mouth shut. Pressing his plump lips together, he shot a nervous glance at the man standing by the windows. A carefully neutral expression was displayed on the man's face. He broke his gaze away from Kay to shoot Lewell'yn an indecipherable look.
"Good Kay, that's good. Kitten, can you step out to the medic station for a moment? I need to talk to my boss in private."
A warning look flashed thru the boss's silver eyes. He gave a slight negative shake of his head. Kay's face looked first startled, and then hurt, finally his expression resolved into a bitterly satisfied smirk.
"No Lewell'yn. I can't."

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