Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Snippet of Snark: Twas the Night Before The Story Was Due

The kidlet is tucked, all snug in her bed,
Tylenol is easing the ache in my head.
I'd opt for some wine,
but the bottle's too big.
If I start drinking now,
I'm sure to be sick...
For all of tomorrow,
the day after too,
so I'll just be content with a coffee or two.
As I try to write the next scene in my story,
Without making my mc too whorey.
He's got to be funny,
he ought to be sly,
but his pouty lipped mouth
just keeps opening wide,
as he spreads his thighs,
and fingers his hole and---
What is that?
Ahem, I'll be back...
I've just got to see...
What he's got planned NOW
with that squeezy pop freeze...

*shaking head*
That's my Thomas.
He'll be appearing soon in his own full length story, The Faery Tree...

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