Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday's Mayhem and Foolish Fun

Yes, yes. My precious... oh, wait. Wrong movie. Heh. I do have a shiny new pretty to share though... and here you go!

Welcome to the Big Bone Lick Pack: A more friendly and hospitable group of werewolves you’ll never meet! Visit with; 'Devil Dog & Bad Wolf', a 'Big Bad Bear' and enjoy some 'Shifty Fox Shenanigans'. Watch yourself, 'round the state park, 'cause we had a grizzly on the loose, just a bit ago. Our brave men and woman of the Boone County Sheriff's Department have everything under control. (Except maybe their own love lives!) But if you find yourself needing a doctor, head on down to Rabbit Hash clinic, or St. Elizabeth's Hospital is just up the road a piece. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Estimated Release Date: 24 January 2013 

I've only got time for that tantalizing little tease, because I've a final project to polish off, and two exams to study for tonight. See you lovelies in the funny pages! MUAH!!

P. S. Here's a home grown American Hero for you, telling in his own words how he and a friend did what came naturally... they saved a five year old girl's life. 

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