Friday, December 6, 2013

Fabulous Friday

I want you to get outta here. No, really. Because I read something incredible yesterday, and I want to share it with you. So here's what we'll do. I'll post a couple of kick ass Ed Sheeran and Gotye videos, a smexy pic or two, and then give you a linky to Marc and Angel's place, where they can tell you all about 9 Fears You'll NEVER Regret Facing. Wait a sec. I already gave you the linky. Heh. Okay, so now with the smexy pics and groovy vids, right?


Yeah, he's beyond delish. Okay, one of him is more than enough... So Here's the awesome songs... and babies? Do something extraordinary. Because you can. Also, you might not get another chance, so grab that gusto now.

Yeah, he makes me wanna sing and live and be extraordinary too. Yep. One more for you...

Because I fucking Love this vid. That is all. Go forth and be covered in AWESOME.
Smooches too... be sure to get and give some of those. Smooches rule.
One from me to you, to start the day off right!

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