Monday, June 13, 2011

Manic Monday

Today's mania circles around a few different topics. Family stuff (and if you're family you know what that is, 'nuff said), making appointments, helping Jamie the Magnificent Moderator of Eros Writing ( the kick-ass by invite only critique group I belong to) post pics...I put up pics of cute het couples I know to inspire a fellow author who writes heterosexual I'm working on my HJD story like mad. Mad I tell you, mad.

No. Really.

I've been filling out apps for some of the familia stuff (I am a flake, so that is quite difficult for me), taking long walks (fitness first-Michelle Obama), and trying to get a sec to work on my WRITING...the writing stuff will start this afternoon.

S'okay. Mondays are usually 15-18hr days.

O.O  Really.

Have a spanking good week kiddies.

I'll be busy writing my little fingers off so I have something new to post for you on WhIP Wednesday...
Cherie Noel

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