Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Manic Monday

I love my busy Monday mornings...

Especially when they are busy for all the right reasons. The sun is shining, I just got asked to submit a complete manuscript (ms) to the publisher that I think is the PERFECT match for not only this particular story, but the whole series, and, and--

*breathe Cherie, breathe*

Okay, breathing under control again.

I have quite a few things lined up for today, and the coming week. I get the pleasure of my friend MW's company this morning while we run an errand., and then I get to come home to finish up the fourth round of edits to The Soldier & the State Trooper, the story I have contracted with MLR press. Once that is done I need to get busy with the pre-edits for my story that the above mentioned PERFECT publisher (for Tian and The Akanti anyway) requested. Then check up on the search for new homes for my kitties, cause the kidlet has developed allergies.

:( I know, very sad.

Oh, but isn't kidlet, like, the coolest word ever? I totally lifted it from my friend Hell. She has the bestest new words.

Right, back to the list.

After that I need to get started on the packing.

Yep, y'all heard me right, packing.

Cause I'm moving to the sweetest new apartment, not even six blocks from where I live right now, and my new landlady is a peach. The new place is just as big as where I am now...well nearly as big...well, actually prolly the same size just laid out differently, and it is way cheaper rent-wise.

Plus there's heat in all the rooms, something the place I've been living in for the last 4plus years did not provide.

Did I mention the winters get rather chilly here?

Um, and I have a self imposed deadline of a week from this Friday to finish writing my new M/F novella/novel, When in Rome.

Add in the day to day stuff, like my fitness walks, prepping for my first post spinal surgery 5k race/walk, laundry, pet care and maintenance...and yes, Cherie is a having a delightfully Manic Monday.

See y'all tomorrow, luvs.

Gotta make hay while the sun shines, ya know.

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