Thursday, April 14, 2011

An Ordinary Hero

The best heros are ordinary.

They ease into rooms quietly. No fanfare. No fuss. No cape waving majestically in the breeze. They often shun the limelight, at least in regards to their good works. Should you be so bold as to call one of them a hero to his or her face...well, these folk will probably chuckle as they assure you that they are not heros.


Straight from the horse's mouth and all that, yes?


They really are extraordinary people. They're the ones who return lost wallets with all the cash intact. Who shovel out their elderly neigbors walkway without fail. Take the garbage cans to the curb every week without being asked because they know you have a bad back or an early class, or some reason that makes it just plain difficult for you to do it. They stop to let you cross the road as a pedestrian and leave you room to merge as a driver.

They take in foster kids for over 30 years and say it's no big deal that they've changed the life of every one of those kids for the better.

And they donate a month's worth of their portion of a book's sales to help victims of the recent tragic events in Japan.

This week I'm saluting Alan Chin, author of The Lonely War. If you've got time today or tomorrow, pick up a copy. Easy, peasy, click on the picture of his book for a link to buy it. You'll get a fabulous read (better get some facial tissues as well, cause you will cry!) and get to feel good about following in Alan's footsteps by doing your bit to help the people in Japan. I think his deal with his publisher to donate the money is only good through Friday, so get to stepping there my friends.

Trust me, you will love the sense of empowerment you gain from knowing little ole you can help.

You'll also gain proof positive of another gem of truth.

The best heros are ordinary.

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