Saturday, April 23, 2011

Introducing Me

Pennames are important. They are a big part of an author's 'brand' as it were. They can be a shield that guards, a cloak of mystery, an gentle misdirection...or the unvarnished truth. I've opted for the latter.


Because I believe in what I write. Because I've got a pair of big girl panties, and I'm not afraid to use them! You know, when someone is mean or petty or quite rightly gives me a crap review (though I hope it never happens-lol!) because I let something go to print (literal or e-print) too soon.

Er, come to think of it, I may need some more of those big girl panties. I heard Walmart's having a sale on them next week. Think I'll stock up! Cause, you know, I'm about to meet my editor.
*nervous laugh*
Yeah, I'm shaking just a tad in my size 11's, but I do have the big girl panties on!

We all need those big boy/girl underpants from time to time, don't we? When we've gotta be where the buck stops, and the only place to point a finger is at ourselves. Meh. I'd much rather go jump in a puddle.


It's fun to jump in puddles!

So, to reel this blog back to the direction it started out in...we're talking about the name that goes on the book cover... and, just as when I performed my music at live gigs, I'm going by Cherie Noel. It's part of the name my mother gave me...and that lady? Had darn good taste. And, eh, I like my name. It's worn all soft and comfy in all the right spots. I don't wanna go through wearing a new one in.

Right then. Nice to meet you.  I'm Cherie Noel, and I write homoerotic romance among other things. I'm proud of everything I write, because as my dear friend Jo Snodgrass would say, I put my blood and snot and tears and heart into each and every piece. So I'm still the same me. Because pennames are important.


  1. Great post, Cherie, and congratulations on being published!

    I use a pen name for erotic romance that has nothing to do with my real name, only because I write YA under my real name and I didn't want teens finding my erotic romance...

  2. WooHoo!!! WTG Cherie!!! you wear those big gal panties and wear 'em proudly....*grin* I adore the name Cherie Noel...but, I am a little prejudice cause I adore the person too....

    Hey! I got quoted.....heheehehehehehe

    Luv ya darlin,


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