Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Monday Mayhem & Foolishness<-->Tuesday Newsday Combo Pack

Oi! I sort of lost track of time.
My weekend was all sorts of crazy.
Getting the Kidlet ready for a trip to her Aunt and Uncles's in Texas.
Getting the Kidlet an emergency trip to the doctor's office when she dislocated her elbow. In. Her. Sleep. Geez, kiddo, proving once again you are the reason your mama is going grey. O.O
I kid you not.
Then a surprise 5k walk when it turned out we didn't have a ride back from the doctor's office.
LOL. That one was a shocker.

Glad to know that even at my current fitness level (more flab than abs) I can huff and puff my way through a 5k.

Saturday evening, all day Sunday, and most of Monday were spent trying to quell the rebellion my muscles were staging.

No fooling, those sucker were ready for a bloody coup. I had to use all the hot epsom salt soaks and heavy duty ibuprofen at my disposal. There may or may not have been a half a lortab shoring up the defenses as well.

And that's how Monday's Mayhem and Foolishness ended up happening flat on my back.

Oi! Mind out of the gutters, all of you!

Resting. I was resting with my feet up.

Today's news...Oh, I do have actual newsy type stuffs to report!! I'll be releasing two books this month! They are slated to be released on the 30th and 31st.
Angel Song will be released on the 30th, and Glitter & Shamrocks on the 31st.
Yay for actual news. :)

Okay, and now, I must dash off to the Bat Cave...oh, er, I mean the WRITING Cave. Heh.

Talk to you tomorrow,

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