Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday Newsday: All the Stuffs and Nonsense that's fit to Print

Guten Morgen, my dears!
Erm, that's good morning in German.
Dunno why I'm speaking German to you.
It started last night. Eh, I just nod and smile these days, because who the heck knows what my brain is going to get up to when I leave it unattended for hours at a time. I suspect it's been sneaking into memories of my time serving at Budingen Kaserne in Germany.

O.O No, seriously.
I swear the slippery little sucker takes off on holiday while I'm sleeping and I don't always get the notes about where el Brainio has been. Again I say, O.O

Okay, so news, and a few more gratuitous pics of the town of Budingen, where I was stationed with the 69th chemical company from 1998 to 2001.
Erm, the news is exciting. Sort of. Nothing new out yet, but Hey Presto, I've got my mojo back!
Wrote over 4k yesterday, so it looks like the long dry spell is over. With enough rest and a semi-quiet environment I should be able to maintain a 2,500 to 6, 000 word count daily. And that means some exciting times for readers who like my particular brand of madness. Because at this pace, I'll have six stories written by the end of October. Some will be revised and expanded versions of older stories, some will be brand spanking new tales. And that is worthy of a fancy do at the castle in Budingen. Heh.

I've got my party hat on and my happy feet a'dancing...not to mention my fingers tappity-tap-typing in hopes that the finished stories will feel like a party to you as well.

Be Well, Babies. I'll have some yummy new stuffs for you to read soon. I pinky swear.
~Cherie Noel~

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