Monday, April 20, 2015

Slow week

So it's been a slow week here. It's starting to get hot in GA & my AC is broken & I'm having a hard time with getting anyone out to take a look at it & get an official diagnosis. Luckily we have a little money in savings so we can afford to replace it if necessary, but since we plan to be out of here in a year, I hate to spend the money. I'll be honest; I hate to spend the money anyway, but it's really necessary -- I've had at least three massively ugly headaches over the last week due to the heat/humidity combination.

Also, it's Stanley Cup Playoff time! And my beautiful beloved Penguins got in by the skin of their teeth, almost literally! They beat 30th place team the Buffalo Sabres in their final regular season game, AND Boston Bruins lost *their* final game, either of which clinched us that spot, but had they both gone the other way, we would be done. But I'd probably still be watching all the games. As I write this, I'm watching the final period of game three in the Montreal-Ottawa series; Chicago beat Nashville earlier today to put themselves up 2-1 in that series, and the NY Islanders beat the Washington Capitals to bring their series 2-1 Islanders. Later tonight, Vancouver & Calgary play their game 3, and tomorrow, the other 8 playoff teams play game 3s. I just really love hockey.

Also, hey, if you're not already aware -- there's an awesome webcomic about hockey and college and a sweet Southern gay figure skater-turned-hockey player called Check, Please! It's more-or-less on the live timeline; there's also a Twitter account that goes along with it. Hit "Start the Comic" to read the main comic in chronological order (including some informational comcs illuminating hockey lingo) and then go back through the whole tumblr for extras & Q&As. Learn hockey while crushing on the adorable Eric Bittle (and his pies!) and Jack Zimmerman. And if you're already a hockey fan, and you have any recommendations for me, books, comics, whatever -- COMMENT! Let me know! That stuff is like catnip for me!

I'm trying to get Cherie into hockey, partly because she's up there near Buffalo (despite everything, I think the Sabres have a pretty good cast of characters & if they can capitalize on their #2 overall draft pick position this year, maybe they can move up the ranks), and partly because it's just full of possibilities. & she said something about a plot bunny involving hockey but she's gonna have to learn at least a little about the sport to be able to write it. I'm collecting helpful info, and honestly, this last season is really opening my eyes to the extent of the really toxic attitude hockey has toward injury -- players playing through injury on their own (Pascal Dupuis) despite the life-threatening nature of their illness, getting touted for it as "showing leadership" (Jamie Benn)... I just. No. Not Good! How many of these guys are going to find themselves knocked out of their sport early because they've damaged themselves beyond repair, when if they'd just not played through it, they could have healed before it reached that point?

Anyway. Ranting is over.

Lots of love; gimme all your hockey!

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