Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday: First Post-Op Mayhem & Foolishness

As some of you may or may not know, this past Monday I had surgery. It was a biggie. Three days in the hospital, took out my uterus and one ovary, I have more stitches than a doggone crazy quilt kind of surgery.

*I promise  not to get any more graphically descriptive than that.*

In fact, the surgery was a bit bigger than my surgeon and I had anticipated. We did the whole worst case scenario, if this then this song and dance before I went under the anesthesia. We were kinda sorta planning on having to do an abdominal incision, but figured we could get away with the bikini line type one like they give most cesarean section patients these days... Yeah, no. Everything was so wack-a-doodle it needed to be an up and down incision... oh darn. There I go with the descriptors.


So, that was the mayhem part, okay? The foolishness? Was that until the surgeon and his PA took out the four large grapefruit sized fibroids (only one of which I realized I had) I didn't realize how much pain I was in each and every day.

Pain can creep up on us, ease in millimeter by millimeter, and then before you know it you're acclimating, growing accustomed to never feeling quite as well as you should...

And that?

Is pure foolishness. I'm sore from the surgery, sure. I'm frustrated with the slowness of my steps, all the things I can't do right now... but I am immensely grateful to my surgeon, PA, and the OR staff who cared for me.

Thanks guys, for getting me back on the path to fully optimized health.

I'll be back at it in a jiffy, kicking *character* ass and taking *creating* names. Get ready. Strap yourselves in, babies. As soon as I finish healing up a bit I'm gonna do something I'd almost forgotten how to do. I'm pushing the red button and putting the afterburners on.



  1. :) sometimes it be like that, EB.

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