Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday's Ode to Minions, Madness, Mania, and Mmm mmm Marvelous Men

Dark roast with its rich oil shimmering on the surface. Ah yes. My stalled out brain-pan coughs, kicks, rolls over and then limps forward toward the next blissful dose of mmmmmmmmmm coffee-fueled imagination and groovy good times.

Wait a doggone second. What the heck does coffee have to do with all those lovely M-words?
I must have coffee to get any of the others presented to you in any other form than that of a howling, gibbering mess.

Right then.

We on the same page now my beautiful babies?

M'kay. On to the topic of Minions!
Minions. We all want one, crave one, nerdgasm over their perfect adorkability, yesh?
What many fail to realize, however, is that not all minions are created equal! No, no, its true! Minion care and feeding is a little understood art with far too few masters, and far too many dabblers... I myself am a mere dabbler. I lucked out in my minion acquisition and got one like that cheerful, productive little fella in the center of the minion mass here. *shudder* I hate to think what might have become of my dear minion if she had not been naturally inclined to general tinkery-dinkery-and what-not. Sheesh. I tossed her a whole website, said, "have at 'er, Minion Dear, and then hied my keister off to hide in the darkest reaches of my writing cave.  It is only by the minion's natural nicee-niceness that I avoided several stiff fines for minion abuse. *sniffling* *sighing, and general feeling heelish*

Minion Dear. You are one in a bazillion. No, really. There may be hordes of minions out there, but there is only one Minion Dear. 
Moving on to the Mad, Maniacal section of today's post! 
*cackling and rubbing hands together*
Yesh! The Writing Stuff first and formost:
I finished the first story in my 1000 Cranes series, and  have subbed it. (cue nervous nail-biting)... Also, the little Drag Queen story I've been working on is done, and off to be reviewed. :) Next up is finishing off The Soldier & the Shaman (sequel to The Soldier & the State Trooper)... shooting to wrap that one up sometime between Wednesday and Friday so I can move on to my next French Quarter Quartet story: Strip, Shift, Tango...

School stuff: er, did my Fafsa and NY State aid forms today. Holy connectivity Batman, it was way easier than I remember it ever being before! Now if I could just get all my transcripts turned in and evaluated so I could be officially matriculated... I can only take three classes at a time right now because of the non-matric status, and I really wanted to take one more class this semester! Sheesh. 
:(  Boo for the bumps in the road, but HUZZAH(!) for the creative handling of them I'm employing!  

 It's a lot of fun to be in school again. Heh. Even if finishing all the paperwork involved is driving me bonkers. Er, more bonkers. LOL.

Oh. YESH!! Time for the Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmarvelous Mmmmmmmmmmen that I was talking about... Next month the total cutie I met in one of my classes is going to meet with my photographer and I'll have pictures to post of the newest Rescue Twink model. *I am so excited about this I could just pee*

Okay, that's all the news that's fit to print today... um, and some that isn't. *giggle*

Later babies!

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  1. Yay, Fearless Boss Lady! Getting all productive and stuff! Also, I'm blushing because I'm not near as awesome as you're making me out to be. I was all gung-ho to do stuff and then life interfered, and now kids are back in school, and hopefully things will level off to some semblance of normal & you & I can have that long confab about what we want to do, what we NEED to do, and what would just plain be awesomely cool. :D


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