My Books

All titles unless otherwise marked are m/m or m/m/m 

Soldiers of the 569th

Kiss and Tell Tales
Kiss and Tell *currently out of print*
Christmas Rum Balls *currently out of print*

The Akanti
Tian's Hero
currently out of print

Out of Jenkins Hollow
Shadow Dance*currently out of print*

Liquid Sin
Angel Song*coming soon*

The Tonawanda Faery Tales
currently out of print

The French Quarter Quartet
Strip, Shift, Tango *coming 2014*

The Sheltering Sky Series
Nightflier*coming April 2014*

The Rescue Twinks
*Ringing Santa's Bells coming soon in downloadable  format*

Matefinders Inc. (M/F)
When in Rome *coming soon*

Standalone Titles